ICS 332 Spring 2018: Operating Systems


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Assignment #4 (Threads) is posted and is due on 3/5.

A really funny piece on “high-level development” and “low-level/system development”: The Night Watch, by James Mickens.

In-class Quiz #3 on Wed 2/21 on the Processes module (2/19 is a Holiday).

Assignment #3 (Processes) is posted and is due on 2/21.

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Assignment #2 (Processes) is posted and is due on 2/12.

In-class Quiz #2 on Monday 2/5 (on the OS Overview and Interfaces module).

Assignment #1 (OS Overview and Interfaces) is posted and is due on 2/1.

Welcome to ICS332: Use the top navigation bar for up-to-date course content as organized by Modules. These modules are interconnected and will be covered in sequence throughout the semester. For this course it will be necessary to have access to a Linux (virtual) box and to have brushed up a bit on your Java and C programming skills. All details about this course are in the syllabus.