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Information and Computer Sciences Department
University of Hawai`i at Manoa

ph: (808) 956 2649
fax: (808) 956 3548
henric at hawaii dot edu

Office Hours: POST #310C, Thu 2PM-4PM or by appointment


Publications since hired at UHM   and   full vita

The CoRG research group

Recent Teaching at UH

Spring 2018 ICS 312: Machine-level and Systems Programming
ICS 332: Operating Systems
Fall 2017 ICS 632: Principles of High Performance Computing
ICS 332: Operating Systems

Teaching Material

I have started developing SMPI_CourseWare: an open-source set of "learn MPI" pegagogic modules, using SMPI (Simulated MPI), a simulator of MPI applications developed as part of SimGrid.

Parallel Algorithms Book

Parallel Algorithms
Henri Casanova, Arnaud Legrand, Yves Robert
Chapman & Hall/CRC
Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing Series
360 pages
ISBN: 9781584889458


Alumni (advised or co-advised for theses or dissertations)
Lambert Leong (UH, M.S., 2018)
Suraj Pandey (UH, M.S., 2018)
Michael Gowanlock (UH, Ph.D., 2015)
Ben Karsin (UH, M.S., 2012)
David Schanzenbach (UH, M.S., 2011)
Kaveh Kardan (UH, M.S., 2010)
Mark Stillwell (UH, Ph.D., 2010)
Joshua Wingstrom (UH, Ph.D., 2009)
Kayo Fujiwara (UH, M.S., 2007)
Richard Huang (UCSD, Ph.D, 2007)
Derrick Kondo (UCSD, Ph.D. 2005)
Yang Yang (UCSD, Ph.D. 2004)
Charles Wurster (UCSD, M.S. 2004)
Gregory Chun (UCSD, M.S. 2003)
Alan Su (UCSD, Ph.D. 2003)
Otto Sievert (UCSD, M.S. 2003)
Marcio Faerman (UCSD, Ph.D. 2003)
Nadya Williams (UCSD, M.S. 2002)
Holly Dail (UCSD, M.S. 2002)
Shava Smallen (UCSD, M.S. 2001)

Misc. Useful Stuff

  • A Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox How To that I put together for a course and that many people have, suprisingly, found useful. Please contribute updates!


    I am originally from there.
    I maintain a list of reports from my surf sessions there.
    Here is proof that I ran the Hana relay with an actual Team.